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Laval Junior High School

Food Drive 2014 [B3103:2014-11-11]
Remebrance Day Video [B3080:2014-11-04]
Soccer Champs [B3085:2014-11-04]
LJHS October News Broadcast [B2992:2014-10-03]
PPO Fundraiser - Track Suits [B3088:2014-11-06]
Breakfeast Club [B3050:2014-10-23]
ITALIAN SCHOOL [B2898:2014-09-10]
LJHS boys 2014-15 GMAA Soccer Champs!!!! [B3063:2014-10-29]

Other News

Laval Junior High School
2323 Blvd. Daniel Johnson, Chomedey, Laval, QC, H7T 1H8 Tel. (450) 680-3044
Principal: Richard Mason  


If there is a picture of your child on the web site that you would like removed please contact the Vice-Principal. Indicate in your email the exact location of the photo on the web site.

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